Easymoves is a fun, easy movement programme designed to improve your child’s learning skills and support their natural love of learning.


The programme comprises of Mighty Movers for 3-4 year olds and PMP (perceptual motor programme) for 5 years +.

A well-developed motor system (gross and fine motor skills, perceptual skills, midline development and eye tracking) enables them to sit still, hold a pencil right, follow a teacher’s instructions and concentrate for sustained periods of time.

Fun and relaxed, the Easymoves programmes will greatly improve your child’s learning ability and their enjoyment in the classroom and beyond.

We’re confident that every child will get results with Easymoves. That’s why we guarantee you will see changes in your child after just one term or your money back.



Mighty Movers (3 & 4 year olds)

MONDAYS at Khandallah Presbyterian Church

SATURDAYS at Amesbury School, Churton Park

PMP (5 years+)

MONDAYS at Khandallah Presbyterian Church


Easymoves Locations




What People Say

  • She is now starting her third term of Easymoves, and I couldn’t recommend it more. I have seen huge growth in her development since she started.

  • My child has profound hearing loss. The PMP classes have allowed her balance and her physical control to develop. This has been reflected in the classroom putting her development into a virtuous spiral up.

  • We’ve noticed tangible results in our son’s focus both at school and at home since he started. His learning had been steady but with the Easymoves programme working on the physical and mental connections, his progress increased substantially, as well as his confidence in his own ability to learn.